The path of originality, inheritance and growth

Li Hongjun, an old technician who has been rooted in Nanjing Huaxin Fujikura for 25 years, with 20 years of precipitation like one day, has cultivated a superb wire drawing technology. As a technician, he consistently regards his ideals and beliefs as the driving force for progress, and takes the sense of responsibility for work and career as the source of development. Finally, he has been tempered into a craftsman in an ordinary position. It is the way of ingenuity belonging to Li Hongjun to forge a sword with thousands of hammers.

wasin fujikura

Work your way up

Affected by the technical blockade, the manufacturing process of the general optical fiber industry is basically unable to flow, and most technical personnel need to rely on their own experience to explore bit by bit, often to take a lot of detours, but also pay a large amount of manpower and material resources. Li Hongjun, from the first day he entered the company in 1998, although he was only a front-line production employee at that time, he studied tirelessly and made efforts to study and enrich professional knowledge. In the work of more than 6,000 days and nights, he read a large number of books on optical fiber manufacturing to improve his theoretical level, and read a large number of academic papers and patents in the industry to improve his innovation ability. Along the way, through their own constant exploration, efforts to grow up, improve their abilities, slowly grow into an experienced “drawing expert”. Li Hongjun’s excellent leadership saw in the eyes, and he became a technician under the general election. In the technician’s position, Li Hongjun take the essence of the fiber manufacturers, make up their own knowledge shortcomings, once there is a technical “golden idea”, immersed in the test site and continue to explore, until the realization of technological innovation, greatly expanded Wasin fujikura fiber basic technical strength.

wasin fujikura

Artisans inherit and carry forward

The value of craftsmen lies not only in their personal technical ability and unparalleled rich experience, but also in the inheritance and development of the craftsman spirit. Li Hongjun, while sticking to his own assiduous study of professional and technical knowledge, pays more attention to training and training young technical personnel. He believes that a team needs to cultivate a group of young people with excellent technical ability, comprehensive theoretical knowledge and correct attitude. He has devoted his knowledge to the team staff, led the team to study hard together, constantly innovate and improve, and has cultivated more than ten technical backbone, some of which have finally entered the management position.


Post time: Apr-29-2024