Optical Fiber Ribbon Product

  • Optical Fiber Ribbon

    Optical Fiber Ribbon wasin fujikura

    description optical fiber ribbon are often used in high fiber count cable, Nanjing Wasin Fujikura optical fiber ribbon become customer the fist selection for min adding attenuation and stability Dimension. The main difference between optical fiber access network optical cable and trunk optical cable is that the number of optical fibers in access network optical cable is large, usually from dozens to hundreds of cores, and then up to thousands of cores. For optical cables with a large num...
  • Optical Fiber Rubber for Terminated Optical Assembles

    Optical Fiber Rubber for Terminated Optical Assembles wasin fujikura

    Nanjing Wasin Fujikura Optic fiber rubber for terminated optical assemblies design and produce for optical assembly., the production have better marcobend loss, better twisting, better thermalspalling etc. mainly used channel subdivider, coupler, connector, Array Waveguide Grating etc.

  • Optical Fiber Bunch

    Optical Fiber Bunch wasin fujikura

    UV Optical fiber bunch mainly use in air-blowing cable for light in weight